Grading System

Faculty members are expected to inform their students in writing of the procedure used to determine the final grade, along with the approximate weights. On request, students should be provided a review of all graded material, including final examinations, which contribute to the course grade, and a review of the method by which the grade was determined. Unreturned examinations and graded materials are kept on file for at least six months following the conclusion of a course. If the faculty member leaves the College during this period, these materials will be accessible in the office of the appropriate academic dean.

The quality points assigned to each grade are used to determine the number of quality points earned for each course a student completes. Quality points earned for each course are determined by multiplying the number of quality points assigned to each grade by the number of credit hours the course carries.

A student may resign or be withdrawn from the College up to and including the fourteenth day of classes of a regular semester or the seventh day of classes during a summer term without any grade or notation being made on his/her permanent record.


Final grades are reported for each student for every course undertaken according to the following grading system:


“W” – Withdrawn

A grade of “W” indicates the resignation or cancellation of the student from the College or the dropping of a course prior to or by the deadline printed in the Schedule of Classes. The course and grade of “W” will be posted to the student’s permanent record but will not be included in the calculation of the semester or cumulative averages. Students are cautioned that withdrawal from courses may impact their financial aid and eligibility for other services (e.g., insurance coverage).

“I” – Incomplete

A student who is passing but, due to circumstances beyond his/her control, does not complete the prescribed course work may receive the grade of “I” at the discretion of the instructor. As a course grade, the “I” yields neither credit nor quality points applicable toward a degree. The grade of “I” may be converted to a grade of “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F” upon the successful or unsuccessful completion of course requirements, as specified by the instructor, and only upon submission by the instructor of an official change-of-grade form. The grade of “I” must be changed by the date designated for dropping a course or resigning in the following regular semester (Fall or Spring) or it will automatically be changed to an “F”. In the event the grade of “I” is changed to an “F”, the student’s academic status may change. If an automatic grade of “F” causes an academic suspension, the student will be allowed to complete the semester on probation. Any credits earned during a summer session will also be granted.

Extenuating circumstances such as prolonged medical problems, serious accidents, death in the immediate family, or special circumstances concerning the course itself may permit the extension of the deadline for the completion of an “I” grade. The request for such an extension must be initiated by the student and must be signed by the instructor and the appropriate academic dean. The extended deadline may not be beyond the deadline for dropping a course with a grade of “W” in the following regular semester.

“S” – Satisfactory

The grade of “S” (for Satisfactory) is used to show the achievement of the student in by-passed courses and may be applicable to som4 clinical/lab courses. It is also used to indicate credits earned through certain non-traditional sources (e.g., advanced placement, credit by examination and certain military experiences. The credit hour value of such a course is counted as hours earned and may be applicable toward a degree, but it is not used in computing the semester and cumulative averages.

“AU” – Audit

The grade “AU” signifies that the course has been audited. No credit is earned and the semester hour value is not used in computing the semester and cumulative averages. Students exceeding the instructor’s absence policy or not participating in all course activities may be given a grade of “W” instead of “AU”.

“R” – Repeat

The letter “R” (which appears only on a student’s permanent record or a transcript) indicates that a course so marked has been repeated. This grade is assigned based on the College’s repeat/delete policy as outlined in the following section.

Course Repeat/Delete Policy

A student may repeat a course in which s/he has previously enrolled at SLCC. When a repeat occurs, an “-R” is added beside the first grade, and the first grade is not computed in the SLCC cumulative grade point average. The last grade received becomes the official grade for the course and is the grade used to compute the SLCC adjusted cumulative grade point average. A “W” grade does not delete a prior grade.

The grade for a course taken at other institutions and repeated at SLCC will not be negated from the cumulative average at SLCC. The grade received in the original course taken at the other institution (even though “repeated” at SLCC) will count in all applicable grade point averages. Professional programs (e.g., EMTP) may set specific rules for the treatment of repeated courses in calculating the grade point average necessary for entry into and graduation from these programs.

Students should be aware that four-year colleges and universities and many professional programs may not honor SLCC’s repeat/delete policy. Such institutions would probably compute all grades in the cumulative grade point average.

The repeat/delete rule will be honored for any transfer student whose transcript indicates repeated courses at another school using the criteria as outlined for SLCC students.

The course repeat/delete policy is not applied when calculating the grade point necessary to obtain honors and/or awards bestowed by the College.

Final Examinations and Final Grade Reports

Final examinations are generally required in all courses and shall be held at the end of each semester and summer session in accordance with the published schedule. A student absent from a final examination because of illness or other valid reason may take a special examination upon the approval and at the convenience of the student’s instructor.

A final grade in each course for which a student is officially registered is given at the end of each semester and summer session. This grade is recorded in the Admissions/Registrar’s Office and becomes a part of the student’s permanent record. A report of final grades is issued to each student each semester and summer session.
For the correction of any error made in the reporting of course grades, the student should apply to the Director of Admissions/Registrar. If an error is one of transcription, it can be corrected by the Director of Admissions/Registrar. If the error was made by an instructor, a Grade Change Form must be submitted to the Director of Admissions/Registrar with the correct grade and the signatures of Department Head and Dean in order to make the corrective changes in the student’s record.
Except in cases of error, no instructor may change a grade which s/he has submitted to the Director of Admissions/Registrar. If a student finds omissions or possible errors in his/her grade report, s/he should request a review of his/her record by the Director of Admissions/Registrar no later than the last day of the student’s next semester in residence and in no case after a lapse of three years.

Transcripts and Letters of Verification

Written application for a transcript should be made in the Admissions/Registrar’s Office at least three school days in advance of the date on which it is to be mailed or picked up.
Transcripts may not be released until all obligations and/or indebtedness to the College is paid in full.
Letters of Enrollment are not given until after the official 14th class day.

Change of Grade

After a grade is recorded in the Admissions/Registrar’s Office, it can be changed only upon certification by the instructor on the proper form obtained from the appropriate academic dean and only with the dean’s approval. A grade of “W” entered on a student’s permanent record can be changed or withdrawn from the record only by the appropriate academic dean.