Distance Education

Want to earn your degree at home? Or, maybe pick up some classes while you work full-time? SLCC Distance Education might be the right way for you.

SLCC Distance Education offers you three options:  hybrid, online, or video-conferencing courses. You can find a listing of courses offered here.

Hybrid courses are a blend of face-to-face instruction with web-based instruction via the internet. These courses use the learning management system Canvas and require you to complete an orientation module to learn how to use Canvas. Find out more about hybrid courses.

SLCC online course offerings also use the learning management system Canvas with the same orientation requirement. Online courses do not include any face-to-face instruction and are completed 100 percent via the internet. Learn more about online courses.

The third Distance Education option is video-conferencing which includes face-to-face instruction. The course is delivered from a classroom on an SLCC campus to another classroom at another location. Instructors are seen on a television screen and they can also see the students. The course uses Canvas to supplement learning.

For more information, contact Stasia T. Herbert-McZeal, Ph.D., Distance Education Officer at stasia.herbert@solacc.edu or (337) 521-8968.