Financial Aid Disbursements

The Office of Student Accounts cannot disburse financial aid awards until the student is enrolled in an eligible program of study as required by the guidelines of each applicable aid program.  If you have applied for FINANCIAL AID, please login to LoLA, click on the Student tab, click Student Account Link, click Account detail by term, and review your total charges and AUTHORIZED financial aid.  If you do not see AUTHORIZED aid, please check to make sure that you submitted all required documents and/or contact the financial aid office 337-521-9621.

Any excess amount of awards, up to $600, remaining after tuition and fees are paid will be released to eligible students for textbooks and supplies no earlier than 14 days prior to the start of classes.

Fall 2016

Tuition Deadline

July 25, 2016

Up to $600 disbursed for books and supplies

beginning Aug 1

Financial Aid Certification Day

beginning Sept. 7

PELL Grant Refund to students

beginning Sept 12

Direct Loan anticipated receipt date of funds from Department of Education
(Fall/Spring annual)

Oct. 13

Direct Loan refunds to students

beginning Oct. 18