This 2+ year program prepares students for the FAA's airframe and power plant exam. Students find jobs in aircraft maintenance, repair, overhaul, modification, and other maintenance-related fields. They are also trained to perform maintenance on personal aircraft. Students can earn an associate's degree or technical diploma in this Aviation Maintenance Technology program. 

Most aviation graduates choose to work in general aviation (small aircraft). Many have gone on to become lead mechanics, shop foremen, and directors of maintenance. 

Graduates are proficient in aviation fundamentals, aviation airframe maintenance, reciprocation power plants, power plant systems, and turbine power plants. 

Here are a few facts about the industry – 

  • Careers in this industry include: airframe maintenance, aircraft engine mechanic, turbine engine power mechanic, and wind power generation mechanic.
  • The median annual salary for this industry is $56,980.
  • The median hourly wage is $27.40.

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1 Submit Documentation

Including a completed online application and admission requirements. Returning students who have missed a fall or spring semester must complete a new application.

2 Paying for college

Once you’re admitted, find a financial aid option that’s right for you. In addition to awarding more than $80,000 in scholarships each year, SLCC accepts TOPS, offers convenient payment plans for more manageable tuition, and places students in campus jobs through the Federal Work Study program.

3 Paying for College

Our attractive tuition and payment options make college affordable.  In addition to offering more than $80,000 in scholarships each year, SLCC accepts TOPS, offers grants, provides convenient installment plans, and places students in campus jobs through our Federal Work Study program.  Find a financial aid option that is right for you.