New Equipment = Well-Prepared Electrical Students

The Electrical Program at the SLCC T.H. Harris Campus in Opelousas received new equipment recently and students are already using it for training.

New equipment includes:

• two electric conduit/tubing benders – the latest offerings from Greenlee Tools for professional electricians. This equipment allows for consistent and accurate bends, which is essential when doing large installations such as in a shopping mall, school, or other commercial type settings.

• a pipe threader/cutter used for cutting thick-walled conduit to a desired length. This machine also threads the conduit so that couplings and fittings can be put in place.

• workbenches – stable, durable work areas when preparing the conduit/tubing. The vices that are attached to the benches are designed specifically for holding the conduit/tubing in place while marking measurements or even cutting the pipe with a hand tool.

"All of this equipment is allowing us to offer more industry-based certifications for our electrical technology students, verifying they have the skills that future employers need. They are going to leave here even more ready to work," said Instructor Lane Gunnels.

work benches for students in Opelousas      threading tool for Electrical Technology Program in Opelousas