General Education Curriculum

At South Louisiana Community College “general education” requirements represent a conviction on the part of the faculty that all students need to reason logically, solve problems, communicate effectively, and relate to the world around them.  General education courses not only enhance awareness of the world and the people in it but also foster an appreciation of the arts and humanities, encourage insight into the social and behavioral sciences, and provide a basic understanding of mathematical and scientific principles.  The realistic expectations of a general education program are to empower the student with a reliable set of skills and understanding that move a lifelong learner forward in academia or the workforce.

General Education Requirements*
South Louisiana Community College courses that may be used to fulfill each requirement in the GenEd block are listed below. Students should consult with their advisor and/or transfer advisor.

* Note: Developmental courses do not qualify for General Education or degree credit.

SLCC General Education Courses
ENGLISH COMPOSITION (ENGL) 1010 English Rhetoric & Composition
1020 Composition & Critical Thought
1030 Honors Freshman English
LITERATURE (ENGL) 2010 British Literature I
2020 British Literature II
2030 American Literature I
2035 Major American Writers
2040 American Literature II
2055 Introduction to Fiction
2090 Film as Literature
2175 World Literature
2220 Southern Literature
LITERATURE (FREN) 2020 Readings in French
1100 College Algebra
1105 Pre-Calculus Algebra
1110 Pre-Calculus Trigonometry
2010 Survey of Calculus
2020 Elementary Statistics
2040 Finite Mathematics
2100 Technical Mathematics
     Analytical Reasoning (MCIS)
1005 Microcomputer Applications
NATURAL SCIENCES      Biological Sciences (BIOL)
1001 Introduction to Biology I
1002 Introduction to Biology II
1010 General Biology I
1011 General Biology I Lab
1020 General Biology II
1021 General Biology II Lab
2017 Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology
2022 Human Anatomy and Physiology I
2023 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab
2032 Human Anatomy and Physiology II
2033 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab
2042 Human Nutrition
2060 Wildlife Biology I
2070 Wildlife Biology II
2100 General Microbiology
2100 General Microbiology Lab I
     Physical Sciences (CHEM)
1010 Introductory Chemistry
1011 Introductory Chemistry Lab I
1030 General Chemistry I
1031 General Chemistry I Lab
1040 General Chemistry II
1041 General Chemistry II Lab
     Physical Sciences (GEOL)
1010 Geology and Man
1020 Earth History
1030 Introduction to Earth Science
     Physical Sciences (PHSC)
1000 Physical Science I
1100 Physical Science I Lab
1200 Physical Science II
1300 Physical Science II Lab
     Physical Sciences (PHYS)
1060 Introduction to Astronomy I
2070 Introduction to Physics
2071 Introduction to Physics Lab
HUMANITIES      Communication (CMCN)
2030 Group Problem Solving
2050 Mass Communication and Media
     Communication/Public Speaking (SPCH)
1010 Fundamentals of Human Communication
1020 Interpersonal Communication
1030 Voice and Diction
1200 Public Speaking
     History (HIST)
1040 World Civilizations I
1041 World Civilizations II
2010 United States History I
2020 United States History II
2070 African-American History
2100 Louisiana History
     Language (FREN)
1010 Introduction to French
2010 Intermediate French
2011 Intermediate French Lab
     Language (SPAN)
1010 Elementary Spanish
2010 Intermediate Spanish
2011 Intermediate Spanish Lab
     Literature (ENGL)
2010 British Literature I
2020 British Literature II
2030 American Literature I
2035 Major American Writers
2040 American Literature II
2055 Introduction to Fiction
2090 Film as Literature
2175 World Literature
2220 Southern Literature
     Literature (FREN)
2020 Readings in French
2010 Survey of Economics Principles
2020 Principles of Macroeconomics
2030 Principles of Microeconomics
     Geography (GEOG)
1010 World Geography
2010 Geography of the U.S. and Canada
2050 Physical Geography
     Political Science (POLI)
1020 Introduction to Foreign Governments
1100 American National Government
     Psychology (PSYC)
2010 Introduction to Psychology I
2011 Introduction to Psychology II
2020 Educational Psychology
2030 Child Psychology
2040 Adolescent Psychology
2050 Psychology of Adjustment
2060 Guiding and Managing Child Behavior
2070 Social Psychology
2090 Death and Dying
     Sociology (SOCI)
2010 Introductory Sociology
2020 Contemporary Social Problems
2050 Marriage and Family
FINE ARTS      Arts (ARTS)
1010 Design I
1100 Survey of the Arts I
1200 Survey of the Arts II
1210 Basic Drawing
2250 Introduction to Painting
     Communication (CMCN)
1170 Introduction to Film Production
     Music (MUSC)
1010 Music Appreciation
2300 History of Jazz
     Theater and Dramatic Arts (THEA)
1010 Introduction to Theatre and Performing Arts
2010 Introduction to Acting
2070 Introduction to Film Performance