Everyone has a calling — it’s just a matter of finding it. SLCC offers more than 35 areas of study, and places an emphasis on playing to individual students’ unique strengths. We work closely with you and your child in establishing a path, and provide the resources they need to find a job well suited to their abilities. SLCC instills in each student the skills that businesses need — and successful organizations throughout the community turn to us for that reason. Give your child a head start on college, or help them find a career path they love.

1 The skills businesses want.

Job placement is our top priority. We instill in our students the knowledge that businesses need and the knowhow it takes to stand apart from other candidates.

1 Competitive tuition rates.

Raise their learning potential while lowering the financial burden. Compared to four-year universities and for-profit colleges, SLCC’s tuition is among the most affordable in Louisiana.

1 Learning on their terms.

With eight campus locations offering daytime, evening and online courses, students are able to complete their education without neglecting the rest of life’s responsibilities.