Student Groups and Organizations (SGO)

SLCC is home to over 20 Student Groups and Organizations (SGO) that cover a wide range of interests, including academics, religion, recreation, politics, and service. If you decide to join an SGO, you may enjoy being a member who attends the meetings and participates in activities, or you may decide to take a leadership role and become an officer. Below you will find information about each SGO currently housed in the Office of Student Engagement at SLCC. 

Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board is a branch of Student Government that sponsors and co-sponsors social and cultural activities for the student body. The Student Activities Board consists of representatives from the student body. Membership in any campus SAB is open to all students who want to participate in the planning and/or implementation of campus-specific events.

  • Acadian Campus Student Activities Board
  • CB Coriel Campus Student Activities Board
  • Evangeline Campus Student Activities Board
  • Franklin Campus Student Activities Board
  • Gulf Area Campus Student Activities Board
  • Lafayette Campus Student Activities Board
  • New Iberia Campus Student Activities Board
  • TH Harris Campus Student Activities Board

SGO Leadership Retreat and Advisor Training

The Office of Student Engagement hosts its Student Group and Organization (SGO) Leadership Retreat and Advisor Training twice annually:  once at the beginning of every spring semester and once at the end of every summer.  This is a time when our office brings together all SGO leaders and advisors to review the newest edition of the SGO Handbook while providing essential leadership training to help each team work together more seamlessly throughout the year.

The dates of these training sessions will be announced at the end of each preceding semester.

SGO Summer Service Days

In conjunction with SLCC's Student Government Association (SGA), volunteer representatives of various SGOs will join forces to participate in two service activities every summer semester.  The goals of these SGO Summer Service Days are as follows:

  1. To effect positive and significant change within the local community.
  2. To positively represent SLCC within the larger Acadiana area.
  3. To forward the mission of each SGO.

The dates of the Summer Service Days will be announced at the end of each Spring semester.


SGO Handbook

Advising Handbook