Canvas Help for Students

Click HERE and log in using your LOLA username and password.

Click on the Inbox icon located in the left-hand navigation menu. Click on the Compose a message Icon, choose the course, then choose the name of the recipient.

To view your courses, click on the Courses Link at the left-hand navigation menu. A slide-out menu will display any courses in which you are enrolled. To view all of your courses, click the All Courses link.

At the All Courses page, click the star next to a course to add or remove the course from the Courses list. Courses with yellow stars indicate a favorite course and are included in the Courses and Groups drop-down menu. 

Click on the Grades link in the left side navigation menu from within a Canvas course. Your grades will appear chronologically by due date. If your teacher has left a comment in the gradebook, a Speech Bubble icon will appear to the right of your grade details.

  1. Click on the link for the assignment.
  2. Click the white Submit Assignment button in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Follow the instructions for submitting the assignment; you can also add a comment for your teacher in the Comments box.
  4. Click the blue Submit Assignment button at the bottom of the page to send the assignment to your teacher.
  5. You will then see confirmation of your submission and comments sent.

IMPORTANT: Canvas allows you to re-submit assignments, however re-submitting DOES NOT cancel out your first submission. Your teacher will receive each submission, with a date and time that you sent them.

To resubmit an assignment:

  1. Click the Re-submit Assignment link on the right of the screen,
  2. Follow the instructions for the assignment,
  3. Add any comments to your teacher and click the blue Submit Assignment button.
  4. You will see confirmation of your submission and comments sent.

The Canvas Mobile App is supported on both Android and iOs devices. Check the app store on your device to install a Canvas app.

In the event the tool/feature you need is not available on the mobile app, you may also access Canvas via a browser on your mobile device.

Get help with Canvas
Click on the Help link in the left-had navigation menu to contact your instructor or Canvas Support. A pop-up window will appear in your browser.


There are five links to various types of options available for help or feedback:

  1. Ask Your Instructor a Question: Ask your instructor questions about course material or send them a message.
  2. Search the Canvas Guides: Search the Canvas Guides for information about features inside of Canvas.
  3. Report a problem: Submit questions and problems to Canvas support.
  4. Ask the Community: Submit questions and problems to the community of Canvas experts.
  5. Request a Feature: Submit ideas about how to make Canvas better.


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