Fee Information

Academic Excellence Fee

The Board of Supervisors of Community and Technical Colleges, by R.S. 17:1871 (B) and 3351 (A) (5) and in accordance with Article VII, Section 2.1 (A) of the Constitution of Louisiana, has provided for the assessment of an academic excellence fee at each institution under its management and supervision effective for the Fall 2003 session and thereafter. The board established this fee in addition to other tuition and attendance fees. The purpose of this fee is to promote academic excellence by enhancing instructional programs; however, no proceeds shall be used to pay the salary of any university or university system administrator.

ACTS 2003, No. 1132 Effective July 2, 2003.

The fee amount per student shall not exceed $7.50 per credit hour per academic session and shall not exceed $90 per academic session. SLCC charges $7 for each hour taken during each session. If a student is scheduled for 12 hours or more, this fee is $84.00. If a student has received an award under the TOPS program, the student must pay for this fee. TOPS does not pay for the Academic Excellence fee.

Building Use Fee

House Bill 671 of the 2013 regular legislative session allows management boards to establish a college building use fee not to exceed $48 per semester (or $4 per student credit hour) to construct, repair, maintain, operate, or improve the facilities and physical infrastructure of colleges.


The Board of Supervisors of Community and Technical Colleges approved a fee of $5 per credit hour (max $60) effective Fall 2016 to support implementation and continued operation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Late Registration Fee

Any student registering or paying for classes after regular registration will be charged a late registration fee of $25.

Non-Residents Fee

Out-of-state residents are charged non-resident tuition, up to a maximum of $2,760 for 12 hours. Admissions determines eligibility for classification as a Louisiana resident after the application for admission and other related documents have been submitted.

NSF Checks Fee

If a student presents a check as payment for any tuition and fees owed to SLCC and the check is returned for any reason by the bank, the student will be charged an NSF fee of $25. Payment of the returned check must be by cash or money order in person at the Ardoin Building on the Lafayette Campus or online by debit or credit card.

Online Registration Fee

Any student taking a course or courses whose instructional method is considered online will be assessed a one-time registration fee of $40 for that course during the semester in which the course is being conducted.

Operational Fee

House Bill 1062 imposed a 4% operational fee to be used to cover mandatory higher education increases.

Parking Fee & Identification Fee

Each student will be assessed $5 per semester for each of these fees. Identification cards can be obtained from the Safety and Security Department located on each campus.

Technology Fee

The Louisiana legislature approved this self-assessed student fee in 1997. The proceeds are for “implementing, replacing, improving, and expanding technologies to benefit student life and learning.” For the purpose of this fee, “technologies” includes, but is not limited to, instructional and laboratory equipment, and the networking and supporting computers and telecommunications infrastructure necessary to support these activities. SLCC students, through a referendum presented by the SGA during the Spring 2000 semester, approved this fee. The LCTCS board also approved this fee in March 2001. This fee became effective during the 2001-2002 academic year.

Student Services Fee

Covers fees for student services such as registration, financial aid, bursar function, security, library, etc