Any student who resigns must complete a resignation form dropping ALL classes in the Registrar’s Office. Once the form is completed, the student will be refunded according to the college’s refund policy. Refunds will only be processed for students completing this process prior to the designated deadline. If SLCC cancels a class for any reason, students enrolled in the class will receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid for the canceled class.

Refund Procedures

All refunds are issued to students through a Higher One card. Students usually receive the card by mail approximately seven to 10 business days following the day a student schedules classes. If a card is not received in this time frame, please contact the Student Accounts Department at (337) 521-8904 for assistance. Once the card is received, students follow the literature enclosed with the card to activate the card by choosing a refund preference which best suits the student’s needs. Refund options are clearly defined on the literature enclosed with the card or can be found here.

Financial aid is disbursed onto the student account at a date determined by the Financial Aid Department each semester. Refunds of financial aid are transferred to Higher One cards usually within three business days following the disbursement date. Funds are available to students depending on the refund option chosen when activating the Higher One card. Refunds will be delayed if no refund option is chosen on the Higher One card.

Collection Procedures

SLCC expects students to meet their financial obligations in a timely manner and to understand that failure to do so will result in further action to collect the balance due. This may include the transfer of the balance due to the State of Louisiana Office of the Attorney General for collection. An individual with a transferred account is responsible for all collection charges including, but not limited to, attorney and court costs. Additional fees assessed by the Attorney General’s Office can increase balances by 33 1/3%.

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