Student Government Association

Mission Statement:

The Student Government Association supports the mission of the college and is composed of elected representatives from the student body. Collectively, they are the voice of the students and promote student life that enhances the intellectual, physical, social, and cultural atmosphere of SLCC. This is done by providing vital co-curricular activities that also enhances individual student development.

The Student Government Association's (SGA) Purpose is to: 

  • To enhance student life.
  • To provide for the students of this institution with a representative body that will hear and appropriately act on legitimate concerns expressed by the student.
  • To facilitate and foster greater understanding between the students, faculty, and administration.
  • To provide effective leadership for the student body through community involvement.
  • To ensure equal representation for students.
  • Provide a better social, cultural, and educational life on campus
  • Promote the high standards of education offered at South Louisiana Community College

Benefits of Serving on the SGA: 

  • Participate in leadership trainings.
  • Express your voice in college decisions.
  • Provide services to fellow students.
  • Leave your mark by assisting in the planning and implementation of many SLCC traditions and activities.

Each academic year, SGA sponsors the following campus student programing opportunities:

  • Welcome Back Week
  • Fall & Spring fest
  • Annual College Wide - "Christmas Tree Lightning"
  • SGA Special Event Series
  • Summer Programming Series
  • International Student Advisory Council
  • Early College Academy (ECA) Student Advisory Council
  • Monthly "State of the Student" Address
  • President's Council

How can we help you?

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SGA Constutiton 

SGA Budget -Spring 2017 

2016 - 2017 Officers

SGA President
My name is Serena Stoddard. I am a General Business/Accounting major here at South Louisiana Community College. I thoroughly enjoy going to school at the Lafayette Campus and encourage those around me to do the same. I have helped a number of my friends enroll in college as well as take bigger steps in their own lives. I’m outspoken, determined, and very personable! I ran for SGA President because not only am I interested in bettering student life on campus, but I also want to get my fellow students involved in the campus community.

(Ardoin Building-Student Success Center)


SGA Vice President

My name is Dwight D. Alexander. Currently my major here at SLCC is an Associate’s Degree in General Studies. After I complete my Associate’s Degree, I plan to transfer to a four-year institution in order receive a Bachelor’s degree, and the complete my educational journey by pursing a Master’s Degree in Sociology.  I am excited to serve as the Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President in hopes to positively affect change on all SLCC campuses. I'm very ambitious, goal oriented, friendly and willing to help anyone who needs it. 


SGA Treasurer 

My name is Courtney Angelle. I am a General Studies major for an Associate’s Degree here at South Louisiana Community College. After I complete my Associate’s Degree, I’ll transfer to a four-year college and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. I really enjoy going to school at the Lafayette Campus. I’m very humble, determined, and a responsible person. I am excited about my role as the SGA Treasurer.


SGA Secretary/ Chief of Staff 

My name is AdriAnna Hutchens. I am in my second year at SLCC. Of the many titles I hold, mom is my favorite. I have a beautiful three year old daughter, Emily and because of her I am determined to become successful. She is the reason I decided to come back to school and continue my education. I joined SLCC Student Government Association because I wanted to positively impact my peers and improve my college experience as well. By being involved with Student Government Association I am learning more about myself as a leader and more about the career path that I would like to pursue. I am very personable, passionate, and driven. If you see me on campus and there is anything that I can do to help you please ask. I look forward to this year and serving as your Student Government Association Secretary and Chief of Staff.


Student Government Association Advisor

Solomon Tention
Director of Student Engagement
Phone: 337-521-6985