Co-Curricular Resume

South Louisiana Community College is committed to the philosophy that social, cultural, and recreational activities are an important part of your educational experience and contribute significantly to the quality of your life on campus.

This program is co-sponsored by Student Engagement and the Career and Transfer Services and is open to all SLCC students.

There are five basic components of the co-curricular resume program:

  • Leadership Activities: Leadership positions held in clubs and organizations
  • Educational Development: Learning experiences (eg: Student Development Series, conferences, workshops)
  • Participation in Campus Activities: membership and involvement in clubs/organizations, college committees, Fine Arts, Study Abroad, etc.)
  • Paraprofessional Work Experiences: Work-related opportunities (eg: Workstudy, co-op/internships)
  • Honors, Awards, and Recognition: Formal recognition of outstanding contributions/achievements.

What is a co-curricular resume?

Your co-curricular resume is an official document which represents your co-curricular involvement and leadership experiences here at SLCC. It also allows you to record your activity outside of the classroom and identify, develop, and articulate skills you learned that you'll take with you as you transfer to a four year institution, or apply for scholarships, and pursue future employment opportunities.

Research indicates that employers and four-year schools want to see more than grades or a diploma; they want to know what sets you apart from other applicants. Your co-curricular resume can give you the “competitive edge” as you pursue your academic and career goals.

What is listed on a co-curricular resume?

Your co-curricular resume is a combination of college-related activities outside your classes and the benefits associated with those experiences.

Involvement includes, but is not limited to:

  • Participation in clubs and organizations
  • Leadership projects
  • Paraprofessional work experiences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars or conferences
  • Documented off-campus volunteer work


Fill out the Co-Curricular resume below as you progress through South Louisiana Community College. At any time, please feel free to email a copy to Career & Transfer Services (, who will review your resume and provide any guidance necessary. After completion of the Co-Curricular Resume, each semester, the Director of Student Engagement’s signature is required to verify that all co-curricular experiences are valid. An example of the SLCC Co-Curricular resume can also be found below.

Co-Curricular Resume Template

Co-Curricular Resume Sample



For More Information Contact:

Solomon Tention
Director of Student Engagement
Phone: 337-521-6985