OSE Leadership Certificate Program

OSE Leadership Certificate Program


The OSE Leadership Certificate program reinforces the Office of Student Engagement’s commitment to developing students’ leadership capacity through intentional reflection and engagement in learning, both inside and outside the classroom, for the purpose of meaningful change. This leadership certificate also provides students with a variety of opportunities that will increase their leadership knowledge and skills.

Certificate Requirements:

Certificates will be awarded at the end of each academic year. Student are eligible to earn a certificate for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Students must participate in the following programming opportunities to be eligible for the OSE Leadership Certificate:

(2) Student Involvement Events

(1) Diversity & Multicultural Event

(2) Student Leadership and Development Events

(1) Title IX-Get Inclusive Training Certificate 

Certificate Benefits:

Students who earn an OSE Leadership Certificate will be able to:

  • Network with SLCC students, faculty, and staff, making significant social connections.
  • Act with a stronger capacity for leadership in future endeavors.
  • Add an impressive certification to their resumes.
  • Increase their odds of earning scholarships at SLCC and beyond.