Early Alert

Early Alert is a retention initiative designed to identify students experiencing academic difficulties in the classroom. Faculty and staff are encouraged to utilize this tool to refer students who are experiencing difficulties such as: excessive absences, missed assignments, poor test grades, learning difficulties, etc.

Goals of the Early Alert Program:

  • To help students mitigate issues early during the semester.
  • To connect student to college and community resources.
  • To help students improve their Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • To help improve student retention and graduation rates.
  • To help students understand the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.

How Does Early Alert Work?

If an alert is received by the Student Success Center, the student is immediately contacted by a SS Advisor.  The student and the advisor work together to discuss and resolve any on-going issues.  Then, the SS Advisor follows up with the instructor.

Immediate contact with the student allows the SS Advisors to provide early intervention strategies to help ensure that students successfully achieve their academic and educational goals. 

To Submit an Early Alert