Non-SLCC Proctored Exams

Non-SLCC Proctored Exams

SLCC now offers exam proctoring for non-SLCC students on the Lafayette Campus.

  • If your college partners with SmarterProctoring please select SLCC as your testing location within your learning management system such as BlackBoard, Moodle, or Canvas.
  • If you are a student who needs exams proctored and your college does not use Smarter Proctoring, please have your instructor contact us at to confirm that we can accommodate your needs, then you can schedule and pay online.

What You Need to Know:

  • SLCC proctors exams in 90 minute sessions for $30.
  • Request for special accommodations for testing must be submitted to Disability Services two weeks prior to testing.
  • You need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the exam.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, it is the Testing Center’s discretion to allow you to test.

What You Need to Bring:

  • Your photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)

Contact Information

Email us at 

Call 337-521-9031