Steering Committee

The Title IX Steering Committee assists the college Title IX Coordinator with respect to the college’s Title IX compliance efforts and provides the college with advice on promoting a campus culture of respect and responsibility. The Title IX Steering Committee also assists the coordinator in identifying and deploying effective measures to prevent and address sexual misconduct. Members of the Title IX Steering Committee are as follows:

Solomon Tention
Director of Student Engagement
Title IX Coordinator
Lafayette Campus, Ardoin Building
1101 Bertrand Drive, Lafayette, LA 70506

Delana Prudhomme
Chair Social Science Department
Assistant Professor Sociology/ Psychology/Criminal Justice
Title IX Deputy Coordinator 
Lafayette Campus, Devalcourt Building
320 Devalcourt Street, Lafayette, LA 70506

Paige McGee
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Lafayette Campus, Devalcourt Building
p: 337-521-8917
f: 337-262-2102

Kimberly Lachney, M.A, LPC
ADA Counselor
1101 Bertrand Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
p: 337-521-6915
f: 337-262-1782