Title IX Compliance Guide: Mandatory Reporters

Understanding Title IX

What is Title IX?

Title IX is part of the Education Amendments of 1972 and is enforced by the U.S. Department of Education. This federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of federal financial assistance.

Title IX applies to all participants of such programs, including students, parents and faculty/staff members.

A variety of activities are covered under Title IX, including athletic programs, recruitment, admissions, financial aid, and participation in extracurricular programs and activities. For example, Title IX addresses discrimination situations such as unequal treatment of pregnant and parenting students or unequal pay based on gender.

Why is Title IX important?

Title IX helps to foster safe and respectful college environments that better protect students, faculty and staff from incidents of sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual violence, relationship violence and abuse.

What are the requirements of Title IX?

The college is obligated to provide a prompt, thorough and equitable investigation of any report of sex-based discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence. This obligation remains even in the absence of a formal complaint.

Title IX ensures that both parties in a reported event have equal opportunity to be heard and participate in a grievance process.

Why is Title IX relevant to you?

As a mandatory reporter, you must carry out your responsibilities to report all Title IX violations of sex-based discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual violence and child sexual abuse. Sexual violence is often the focus of many requirements and responsibilities that fall under Title IX because it is a very serious form of sexual harassment.

By fulfilling these responsibilities, you assist the college in complying with legal requirements and help the college maintain its commitment to fostering a secure, equitable and inclusive community.

Know Your Responsibilities Under Title IX

Who has responsibilities under Title IX?

While the college encourages all campus community members to report incidents of harassment or discrimination, several classifications of employees have been identified as "mandatory reporters" for Title IX purposes. These employees have authority and responsibility to take action to remedy harassment. Examples of mandatory reporters include:      

  • Vice chancellors, deans, department heads, and directors
  • Employees in supervisory or management roles
  • Faculty members
  • Student affairs professionals

What is the purpose of a mandatory reporter?

Through your knowledge and application of college policy and state laws, you play an important role in:

  • Protecting students, faculty and staff from incidents of sexual violence.
  • Supporting sexual assault survivors.              
  • Helping the college maintain a safe environment by striving to eliminate, prevent, and address discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual violence.

What are your primary responsibilities as a mandatory reporter?

The main responsibility of mandatory reporters is to report any Title IX violations to the college as soon as possible. You are required to report incidents you personally observe as well as incidents reported to you. You must report these offenses to the designated office on campus.

Additionally, all mandatory reporters are required to report instances of suspected child abuse in accordance with Louisiana law.

What additional responsibilities might you have as a mandatory reporter?

Many mandatory reporters under Title IX are also considered Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) under the Clery Act. As such, you may be required to file reports of certain crimes, including sexual assault and child abuse/neglect, according to procedures outlined by the Clery Act.

Report Relevant Offenses              

What is a reportable offense under Title IX?

As a Title IX mandatory reporter, you must report any instance of discrimination or unfair treatment on the basis of sex or sexual harassment. Reportable offenses under Title IX are: