Course Equivalencies

Three resources for determining possible course equivalencies between institutions:

State of Louisiana Board of Regents
Master Course Articulation Matrix - as a spreadsheet or pdf document

Courses in the matrix have been evaluated by appropriate faculty at the respective institutions, are considered equivalent to each other, and will generally be accepted for credit by SLCC.  Please note this is not a list of articulation agreements, as the matrix represents only course-to-course equivalencies. 

South Louisiana Community College Equivalent Course Lookup Database
Search Database

This link allows a students to enter information on courses completed at previous colleges, including title and semester attempted.  The database will display the equivalent course code and course title at SLCC.

Official Articulation between South Louisiana Community College and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette
SLCC-ULL Course Equivalents

The link provides course content equivalencies determined by official articulation agreements between SLCC and ULL.