Get Your Career in Gear.

There’s a reason the community looks to SLCC when recruiting top talent. First, we give students the skills they need to thrive, and then we teach them the techniques that assure businesses they’d be a perfect fit. SLCC has strong ties to local businesses, and many come to SLCC looking for talented workers. In fact, some of our workforce training programs boast a 100% job placement rate. If you’re looking for a quality job, with the opportunity to earn a high-paying salary, you’ve got an in with SLCC.

1 Land the job you want.

From résumé writing and interview prep to job searches and career fairs, our Career & Transfer Center will give you the tools you need to find the job that’s right for you. Visit Career and Transfer Services to learn more.

2 Boost your earning potential.

Did you know graduates from community colleges often out-earn graduates from four-year colleges? In many cases, an associate degree or technical diploma in an in-demand industry results in higher wages.

3 Educators who mean business.

SLCC faculty members maintain strong ties to their respective industries. You’ll receive one-on-one training from instructors intimately familiar with what industry recruiters need most.