Inter-Library Loan Request

SLCC participates in the a national inter-library loan (ILL) program.  This allows patrons of various libraries to borrow materials from other libraries.

There are sometimes small limitations on what a patron can borrow or for how long.  Further information on the regulations can be found here.

However, ILL is an excellent alternative to locating an item that the SLCC libraries may not have.

If you'd like to request an ILL material, please fill out the form below, or you may do so in person.

Please direct any inquiries to Lawren Dodson via or 337-521-9072.


Inter-Library Loan Request Form

Contact Information


Such as "L12345678".
In the form of "(XXX) XXX-XXX".
Resource Information

Please include as much information about the item as you can.

Title of the book, DVD, journal article, etc.
If known.
If known.
If known.
If known. Only for journal articles.
Any additional information about the resource your can provide would be appreciated.
**We cannot promise that the resource item will be available for you by your requested date.